Sympathy For The Devil

A webpage offers resources for those curious about the religion and even tutorials for believers to summon and practice satanic rituals.

*Author’s note: I’m indifferent towards religion and organized beliefs. I believe Satanism is just as much a valid belief structure as Christianity, Islam or Hinduism. That is not to say I support any which one more than the other. Whatever makes you happy and improves the quality of your life I support. As I often say, You do You.

With that said this post will be centered around A webpage found on the old surface internet that is still currently being updated pretty regularly. It seems to be run by High Priestess Maxine Dietrich. There was a link to email the site but due to high traffic it has been taken down.

The High Priestess is a busy woman.

The website offers a TON of literature and a comprehensive bibliography to expose the “lies of Christianity”. It also offers quite a lot for Satanists of all different levels. From disclosures for non satanists to a resource for kids and teens interested in the religion to advanced practices for veteran Satanists it’s a pretty useful tool for those interested in the religion.

Make a family weekend out of it.

Where the really good information comes in is from the super active forum where fellow practitioners exchange ideas, information and rituals. There is a plethora of interesting things to read here if you are interested and I highly suggest it. It can be accessed at:

It’s on these forums that I feel the strength of the religion can be seen on full display. From an objective outsider’s point of view Satanists value the quality of all life and it’s a very self empowering belief system that has nothing to do with anything evil or nefarious. In fact many strong arguments can be made that satanism has caused much less bloodshed then any of the major world religions throughout history.

For those with an open mind I encourage you to explore the site to possibly gain an additional viewpoint on the wonderfully weird, huge world around us. -DC

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