Activists take unorthodox measures to wage war on a mining company.

South32 is a mining company based out of Perth, Western Australia. They mine Aluminum, coal, lead, manganese, nickel, silver and zinc and have operation sites in Australia, Tasmania, South Wales, Columbia, Mozambique, South Africa and the United States.

Typical shit head company logo

Going on their website South32.Net you’re greeted by the typical “we care about our employees” feel good bullshit most companies have seemingly mastered in the past twenty years.

Sure, Graham.

But visiting the website (Notice .COM and not the usual company’s web address .NET) is a MUCH DIFFERENT experience.

Climate change activists, geo warriors and hacktivists have long targeted big oil and mining companies for the last fifty years both on and offline. But this is a much more complicated case than just simple politics.

Probably not the best PR look for South32

The website is not recommended for fans of Queen Elizabeth, Australian PM Scott Morrison or Chinese president Xi Jinping. Clicking on any of these photos leads to a video narrated by a Text To Talk voice detailing their displeasure with South32, China’s leader, the queen and Australia. Sometimes it shows a Koala during the voice or disturbing images of wildlife burned or dead in the wild bush fires.

These views do no reflect my own. I fucking love you,

The website also at one point leads to another activist website named FUCKBHP.Com but that one is currently offline. (BHP is the parent company to South32)

Ultimately at the end of the day – South32.Com falls into a bit of a gray area. I feel like a majority of the world’s population can get on board with combating climate change and stopping koalas and kangaroos from being burned alive in wildfires. But the language that the author of the website utilizes is pretty… for lack of a better word…intense. Borderline racist and schizophrenic rants (that in my experience are almost ALWAYS connected to some form of extreme Christianity) that demand that South32 REPENT for their sins might scare some outsiders away from joining the cause.

The intentions may have started out noble but ends up just another extreme example of the shortcomings of fighting fire with fire. – DC

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