Blackpill Club: Chapter 3: The Kids Are Alt Right

A brief glimpse at the faux enlightened macho men the incel community have devolved into. Now somewhere stuck in between angry nerds, Fight Club cosplay and conspiracy theory.

*Pre Entry Disclaimer*

While normally this is a relatively light hearted space – a blog that isn’t and shouldn’t be taken very seriously – this entry is different. It involves what many would consider a “radical” group and has some disgusting and disturbing outlooks on a variety of subjects. There are mentions of rape, sexual assault, suicide, violence, LGBQT+ and racial slurs. If you are sensitive towards extreme views, language or subject matter you’ll probably want to skip this one.

Incels (/ˈɪnsɛlz/IN-selz), a portmanteau of “involuntary celibates“, are members of an onlinesubculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.[1][2][3] Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by resentment, misogyny, misanthropy, self-pity and self-loathing, racism, a sense of entitlement to sex, and the endorsement of violence against sexually active people.

Now monitored by the feds the incels have begun to roll on one another.

On January 7th 2021 a thread on Blackpill Club exposes the owner of Incels.Co -who goes by the name Alexander Ash and screen name: Sergeantincel. The post claims that he has been working with Lightuponlight.internet A website dedicated to shedding light on deep web hate groups and helping mentally ill members.

They claim Sergeantincel, who also runs (which will be covered in another entry on another day), is giving away private messages and member details to the F.B.I. as part of some plea deal. Whether this is true or not I really have no idea, but I did find it pretty suspect when researching these sites Incel.Co was the only website that refused to let me on while I was using a VPN. That generally means whoever is running it wants to know where you’re accessing it from. A good idea to avoid that sort of thing.

Aside from the rampage killings attributed to the incel community, the movement has seemed to brush elbows with even more fringe groups the past few years as well. Generally “black pilling” members on QANON conspiracy theories about vampire politicians and celebrities. White supremacists have also flocked to many of the Incel “non politically correct” message boards on 4chan like ‘sheep village’ and ‘baked Alaska’ to vent racist tirades and anti mixed race relationship sentiment.

Below is just a bunch of random screen grabs from random message boards that you would be able to see at any point by visiting or

Very insightful.

And more gems from

It’s important to document because there just aren’t many other ways to describe the level of toxicity on the boards. But as unpopular as it may sound even after all of this – it still shouldn’t be censored.

As much as I disagree with just about every single thing I’ve ever read on any of these websites it doesn’t really matter. I wouldn’t want these boards shut down. Even pieces of trash deserve a forum to congregate. Assholes? Yes. But am I some authority on ethics and conduct? No.

Everyone deserves free speech even if you don’t like what they are saying. An argument could even be made that our society’s increasingly aggressive, shape shifting online cancel culture has only exasperated the problem. Drawing a hard line in the sand and forcing people to either agree or be cast as ignorant or worse.

So… how do we end this whole trilogy? I don’t know, really. I’ve been stuck on it for weeks. I guess I would start by asking myself, “Are these guys dangerous?” And I feel like honestly less than 1% of Incels are dangerous to anyone but themselves. In my heart of hearts I don’t think that many of these boys (and girls because some posts just read a bit too mean girlish) are even old enough to drive, truth be told. A lot of teen hormones thrown at the wall like chimp shit at the zoo.

Not that this justifies any of the sexist, racist, transphobic or homophobic language at all. I don’t agree with it and I’m by no means defending it but growing up in rural America myself, I know the type and have been railing against idiot hicks for most of my life.

So why even bring these sites up in the first place? I suppose for general awareness. It’s good to know whats out there, whose lurking only a few web addresses away. It should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that there are shitheads on the internet but knowledge is power so they say.

I guess at the end of the day the irony is poetic as well and a good laugh everyone else. Using the “pill” analogies for hyper awareness that is based on a plot device in a trilogy made by two Trans Women. Or going on these pseudo-anarchist rants, Tyler Durden-style about how men have been “feminized” and are no longer “alpha” despite the book Fight Club LITERALLY tearing apart toxic masculinity and being written by a total fucking badass gay man, Chuck Palahniuk. Those sort of things make me chuckle.

And listen fellas – sex is pretty damn good. No matter who you have it with. But the incel thing isn’t going to help you get ladies. In fact it’s literally the reason you aren’t getting ladies. Because women are all regular human beings just like you. You don’t need a black pill of truth from some guy on the internet – you just need a hype man. You don’t need to be perfect – no one is – but you can’t be a gigantic asshole. It just doesn’t work.

So here take this pill: Turn the computer off, go take a shower and get some sun. It’s good for you. Go to a store and buy a mirror and look at yourself in it and realize despite all your bullshit online ranting the person staring back in the mirror is the one who is inferior. One of the bravest things a man can do is self reflect and if you muster up that courage you don’t have to be inferior for long. – DC

To visit the sites mentioned I will provide links. Keep in mind the sites are most likely being monitored by law enforcement (especially heightened law enforcement presence after the capital hill riots and its loose connections with militias/QANON/white supremacy groups etc)


For more information on Light Upon Light visit:


I wanted to thank a Twitter friend, HL for sending me a totally unrelated link that launched me down this rabbit hole.

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8 thoughts on “Blackpill Club: Chapter 3: The Kids Are Alt Right

  1. “Using the ‘pill’ analogies for hyper awareness that is based on a plot device in a trilogy made by two Trans Women. Or going on these pseudo-anarchist rants, Tyler Durden-style about how men have been ‘feminized’ and are no longer ‘alpha’ despite the book Fight Club LITERALLY tearing apart toxic masculinity and being written by a total fucking badass gay man, Chuck Palahniuk.”

    Thank you, you put it succinctly. Also I remember all the Mad Max: Fury Road memes the MAGA idiots were posting when Trump first ran for President, and I was like, you do realise that you’re siding with the bad guys, right? The sheep who were being sent to the slaughter by a narcissistic asshole? But Immortan Joe was their hero and they were going to ride to Valhalla all shiny and chrome. Witness them.

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    1. Yeah 2016 was a really dark era for meme and meme context 😂 And even outside of memes – I’ve had 1984 used against me as a pro MAGA argument at the height of the delirium. 😂 Rough four years. A lot of booze and blind faith was required

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