The Bone Machine

Starting as a small business in Oakland and moving on to the web in 1995 The Bone Room has captivated and creeped people out for over twenty five years.

Did you know an articulated human foot is going anywhere between $200-$300 depending on condition (which varies). If that’s the sort of thing you’re into then maybe you should visit is a perfectly legitimate and legal business that collects bones and well… sells them. To collectors, scientists and researchers their clients range quite a bit and it’s all completely legal with the exception of human bone import laws in Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana.

Some healthy bones right there.

The store was created by the late Ron Cauble, an eccentric PhD and collector of all things science. His love for science, nature and education led to him creating the Bone Room – a museum and store front for all things nature. Human and animal bones, insects encased in amber, spider webs and (my favorite) meteorite rock.

Got a goth girl girlfriend? Framed spiderwebs this Valentine’s Day is a slam dunk.

After Ron passed away in 2014 his partner, Diana has taken over the Bone Room and continued his legacy. Visiting the website really paints the picture of a lifelong love with science realized and a lot of hard work. It’s bittersweet to read Diana’s letter about Ron and the Bone Room.

So for an interesting gift for the loved one that always seems to have everything – maybe check out the this Christmas. Guaranteed to have something no one else is selling. In fact at this very moment, human skulls are literally on sale. – DC

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