A Weekend Short – How Bizarre

A random portal will send you to an EBAY page that will literally sell you something weird or confusing.

Have you ever visited a website that said it did one thing but really it did something completely different? Either intentionally or unintentionally just not doing the one obvious thing the webpage is supposed to do? Well this isn’t one of those websites.

Weirdorconfusing.com literally does exactly what it’s homepage promises. As soon as you click on the button, “Please” asking the portal to sell you something weird or confusing you it propels you to an EBAY page with a product that is weird and/or confusing. Like this $45.00 magazine/iPad toilet paper holder.

Or the truly bizarre Cat Brusher “lick them like there mother” tool made by the loneliest person on Earth. Which disturbed and perplexed me on a level I’ve never really considered before.


Normally this is the part where I try to explain who made the webpage or why it might exist but I think it’s obvious why this website exists. It exists because it’s the internet and this is just one of those things that happen there.

More of a pressing question we should be asking ourselves is why do these products exist? The only possible explanation for a Cat Licking Brush to exist is that we are living in a gigantic simulation and the computer running it has been overheating for about fifty years now. OR cats are actually our overlords. That’s all I got. Have a good weekend. – DC

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