Inside My Imaginary House

A seemingly infinite loop of information spinning in it’s own web space and dimension.

“Both religion and the occult derive much of their power from simultaneously simulating and managing dread: the anxieties that dog the perpetually shifting boundaries of the self, and especially the ultimate borderland of death. As new technologies being to remold these very same boundaries, the shadows, doubles, and dark reflections that haunt human identity begin to leak outside the self as well, many of them taking up residence in the virtual spaces opened up by the new technologies. Ok so computer says limited or no connectivity or Invalid. IP Address . When I click on general tab it shows 700 out of 700 packets received. Signal strenghth is good as well. It feels like something little is just preventing me from accessing the web or fully connecting to the web”

(Transcribed from site)

So above is just a small example of text that is scrawled all over this seemingly endless web page.

Years and years worth of random images and text stacked up on one another like a gigantic man-made mountain of odd thought and sentiment.

Headed by a Bitcoin wallet with a button that says “support” – I did happen to get in touch with the creator of the site who seemed nice enough but preferred there identity be omitted from the article which I totally respect. It adds to the mystery.

Sure is a phallic looking tower ya got there. Or is that just me?


More code from the site itself interjected between photos of what looks like a basement in the middle of modeling and strange gifs. (I need cryptography friends.)

Tight. is just too big to include all of the things to read and view on the web page itself. Certain links are hidden throughout the site that lead you to other areas of the website as well. It’s a lot of really interesting visuals compounded with years of internet chain messages/ cryptic messages/ a Metal Gear Solid reference (which I absolutely love) and other oddities.

Traveling around the net in search of web art and bizarre websites reminds me of an article I read years ago about urban explorers. Adventurers that would sneak into old and possibly dangerous abandoned buildings and just explore. dilapidated factories, old train stations and other relics of an Industrial Age on its last breath.

Sometimes I feel like (a much less physically fit) urban explorer wandering through buildings long since orphaned. Ghosts of workers long gone from the busy machinery and the bustling cafeterias. Most times it feels like you’re alone, turning through moldy paperwork and old logs.

But this site gave me a much different feel. A busy, still active site – still exploring its own purpose and psychology. It’s a small slice of the madness that is the internet. An avalanche of incomprehensible information deciphered and appreciated only when it finds its own contextual audience. – DC

To visit the site:

(That’s seven (7) y’s)

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