A Weekend Short: Happiness

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What is happiness?

I have no fucking idea.

Depending on who you ask and what school of thought, psychology and philosophy you subscribe to it is a state and not a trait (important to note it is not permanent) and should never be confused with other intense emotions such as ecstasy, joy or bliss.

Other psychologists hypothesize it’s as simple as a mathematical equation. Are you content with your life more than 50% of the time? Boom. Way-Lah. Consider yourself happy.

Others debate about different types of happiness – three different fundamental tiers of happiness, the chemicals in our brain that let us experience happiness, human beings adept ability to adjust to their surroundings and situations meaning their is more objective happiness but only individual happiness based on our own experiences, history and situations and a bunch of other shit I’m not qualified to even think about – let alone discuss.

So you may find yourself asking if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about why am I wasting my time reading this? And again I have no idea. But thanks 🥰

No the real reason we have come here today is to have you visit:


Take a break from work for a second. Exhale. Remember it’s Friday – that’s not too bad, right? If you’re in a call center hang up on that idiot customer. Tell your boss to go stuff themselves (I learned that slang from an Australian and it makes me laugh out loud every time). If you’re working from home tell your kids to shut up for a minute and just enjoy a zen like moment of peace.

Go to http://make-everything-ok.com/ and see how ya feel. Stay safe. Have a good weekend. – DC

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5 thoughts on “A Weekend Short: Happiness

  1. They say if you fake confidence eventually you will be confident. The act of faking confidence decreases cortisol and increases testosterone. Perhaps the same applies with happiness. If you fake it long enough maybe you will be happy. I too don’t know wtf happiness means. It’s rare and transient despite how much I fake it.

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    1. Sometimes it seems that happiness is only what you are when you’re not unhappy. I feel like that doesn’t give, “happiness” a fair shake but maybe we give the term and the feeling too much respect? And that’s why we’re all more depressed trying to chase after that fleeting feeling more and more. I’m not sure. That’s bleak. 😂

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      1. You make sense. We put it on a pedestal and bestow it with such powers. Do we really need happiness or would inner peace suffice? That feeling of self acceptance and comfort in one’s skin.

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