Ancient Roman Trade Routes And How They Might Redeem My Faith In Humanity.

A simple mysterious web page shines the light back on you, the user. Asking you to share whatever is on your mind.

On December 10th 2020 Reddit user, Scared_Shine posted a link to a website under the subreddit page /weird websites. That website was the simple and charming:

Enter social security number here.

Asdfjkl;.com is a very simple and straightforward concept. There is no product to sell. There is no art or organization to promote. The web site host just wants to hear whats on your mind. How did your day go? What did you learn today? How are you feeling? Everything and anything is encouraged and welcome.

I, myself sent a message into the void asking for a short interview for the blog post OR just to chat as human beings off the record if they had the time and wanted to but I never received a reply. And that’s okay with me. In fact it’s probably even better that way. It could be that our quiet listener is just up to his or her neck in emails. In the site’s FAQ it states that the webpage receives HUNDREDS of messages a day.

FAQ section


Hundreds of emails a day? It stopped me in my tracks. Assuming it were true – it surprised me to the point of physical reaction. A dramatic emergency stop of everything I was doing. A deafening silence in the room broken only by the popping of an ice cube in a glass of whiskey. It was a moment that required reflection.

While the relatively obscure webpage is by no means hidden it’s not exactly easy to find either. It falls in the category where this blog comfortably resides. Hidden in plain sight. But regardless it was still found and while it might not be the cure to all of cyber society’s social woes – it certainly could be a step in the right direction.

It’s easy to see as an outsider how some of the most vulnerable fall prey to the unforgiving and ever changing landscape that is social media. With teen and young adult’s mental health at all time lows it is dangerous to understate the true cost of loneliness.

Of course the World Health Organization is not the only ones that know this with Facebook alone spending over 9 BILLION dollars just last year on aggressive ad campaigns touting themselves as the ultimate antidote to boredom. But as studies have shown it typically only exasperates the symptoms of the socially inept. Social media to alleviate depression is simply not effective and in fact could be argued as the number one cause for depression.

But a website that never speaks and only asks has to be a step in the right direction. Right? Just a webpage that listens to everything you have to say – never interrupting you, questioning your intentions or comparing you to others. Something that never reminds you of your personal or professional failures – all of your insecurities cubically contained to a blank box. An open ear that only costs the lack of validating your entire online existence. Just as therapeutic as screaming into the void. Thats got to be better… right? – DC

Cover by Giovanni Pauolo Panini – Fantasy View with the Pantheon and other Monuments of Ancient Rome

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