A Weekend Short – Lofi.Org (& Some House Keeping Notes For Regular Readers)

I am releasing this Weekend Short a day early just to clarify for any of my regular readers and blogs I follow why you may see me “refollowing” you on WordPress. Some technical difficulties/glitches etc so have a good weekend and I’ll see you all for a regular post on Wednesday.

With no explanation we have to dig into the past to discover what secrets this seemingly pointless website holds.


With no links or information Lofi.Org just exists in the internet as a silent planet. Revolving around its star with no clear mission. Only to be stumbled upon accidentally or dug up by active internet sleuths.

Posted on the subreddit r/weirder sites by user u/Natani012 – Lofi.Org was thrust into the spotlight for lovers of website mysteries as another oddity.

While the post didn’t attract too much attention I decided to look into the site using the “way back machine” from the Internet Archive. A really cool tool to view what web pages may have looked like in years past.


Turns out the website had been getting pinged by the web archive since 2001. Where it looked a bit different.

It didn’t take too long to begin to put together what this site actually was. In 2001 it had two different links – one to Monochord.Lofi.Org (a monochord being an Ancient Greek instrument) and another link that leads to the hilariously named, “Operation Dynga”.

Dynga is Swedish for Dung.

I am not a native Swedish speaker but I recognized what sort of website this was immediately. Having a background in music for the better part of the past two decades it didn’t take long to realize this was an early 2000’s band website.

Which leads me to guess that Lofi is a small Swedish label.

Furthermore for my non Swedish speaking readers here is a rough translation of the page:

“You are most welcome to Opration Dynga’s official website. Here is all the information you could possibly want about this mythical band. So feel at home and immerse yourself in the life and living of this powerful orchestra.

Feel free to take a look at our brand new guestbook!


Operation Dynga”

Thanks Operation Dynga. Means a lot – glad to be here.

Anyways the site has changed throughout the years with different links to different groups throughout – pretty typical for a label page.

This one features the artists: Alarma Man and C.Aarme

It would eventually even act as a photo blog for a Tobias Einarsson. Probably the owner of our record label.

Beautiful work, Toby.

Before eventually returning to its colorful, rainbowed current version. Awaiting another launch in the dog-destroy-dog-world that is the music industry. I wish you luck and courage, Lofi! – DC


My WordPress has been acting awfully screwy. Particularly with blogs I follow in the reader so I tried clearing out the cache and deleting blogs I normally keep up with. So if you’re a regular reader and received a notification that I am following you, (*again*) just know that is apart of me trying to sort out technical things on my end. I’ve been messing with it since Wednesday (2/24/21) and so far so good. So I will be adding back blogs I regularly read in the next coming weeks. Stay safe. – DCDC

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend Short – Lofi.Org (& Some House Keeping Notes For Regular Readers)

    1. I’ve also have been having a miserable time trying to get HTML code to work for my KOFI links. I love the WP community and the setup for the most part but it can definitely be a pain in the ass. 😂 Thanks Cindy! Take care and stay safe. ❤️

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      1. OH impressive/. IO wopn’t even go there. I love the community too and I always hear there are others much better and less cumberson but hey, we’re family now for better or worse.. lol.
        🤣 I will and you too!❤️

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