Give Us Food, Money, Beer or Kill Us

A relic from the mid 90’s offers a look into the Santa Cruz geek-house party scene.

Ah, college. I didn’t actually go. But lived with people who did. And I drank like I did. Probably earning a few honorary degrees in drinking along the way.

Now many of my friends that did go to college are either successful and well-off doing things they sort of enjoy or are hopelessly burdened with student loans and stuck at a job they could have had with or without a degree. Either way I remain indifferent- I showed up to the party and all I got was this stupid blog. But that’s not why we’re here!

Today we gather to discuss a mid 90’s tribute to a time long gone but still largely unchanged. Yes, the world has changed a lot in the past thirty years but the need to throw a kick ass party has not. offers a hilarious and bittersweet portal back to that crazy, confusing and exciting time between high school and adulthood and more importantly it offers the world, BOB. (More on him later)

Welcome to the Resort

The Resort was crafted by a bunch of brilliant and hilarious nerds who love booze. Rife with a dry sense of humor and a quirky self awareness the site acts as a record of the housemate’s exploits, parties, games and pictures throughout their college years.

Invitation to a house party game featuring capitalism and world domination.

Moving through the site and looking at old scanned photos of young twenty somethings enjoying themselves without a care in the world can give most a universal sense of nostalgia. Knowing most of these “kids” are now approaching their 50’s just serves as another unfortunate reminder that time turns fragile, youth is ever fleeting, and time an endlessly flowing riv.. <insert more tired bullshit cliche>

But wait! There’s more.

There is a reference guide to the geek houses in the Santa Cruz, CA area at the time. The names crack me up:

And then due to a cease and desist order from Tyco toy company insisting the website stop using their trademarked “magic 8 ball design” there is the all knowing, Bob. Who is far more handsome than an 8 Ball and to this point has answered over a million questions. All correctly I imagine.

I scoured the page for different emails to try to see if somehow some way one of these resident aliens were still taking emails but no dice. So I did the next best thing.

Thanks, Bob. – DC

Give me food, money, beer or kill me:

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